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Technical specification

Convincing solutions for engineered access hardware 

The Southco® program can be summarised briefly in these words. Be it the automobile industry, rail vehicles, indoor/outdoor enclosures, sheet-metal case, furniture or computer technology, Southco® compression latches, hinges, handles, push-to-close latches, draw latches, captive fasteners and quarter-turn fasteners offer a good solution with an ample scope for design.

Southco® latches:

Cam- and compression-latches

  • Hand-, tool- or key-operated designs
  • Can be combined with multi-point systems
  • Locks adjustable or fixed
  • Compression latches offer you vibration-proof locking

Push-to-close latches

  • Simple to operate
  • Visible or concealed access
  • Different methods of operation 

Rotary push-to-close system

  • Suitable for single- and multi-point locking systems
  • Compatible with a wide selection of operating methods 
  • Products complying with FMVSS 206

Draw latches

  • Compensation for installation tolerances in three levels
  • Large selection of designs and tensions  
  • Vibration-proof with bow tensioner or elastic strap retainer

Turn-and-tilt and multi-point systems

  • A central lock actuates 2,3 or more locking points
  • Designs for cabinets both indoors and out 

Locks for swing doors and sliding doors:

  • Can be used for cabin and access doors and on-deck applications 
  • Combinations of power, design and style 

Electronic access solutions

  • Invisible, monitored and reliable locking 
  • Vandal-proof installation 
  • Remotely-controlled electromagnetic actuation

Hinges and strip hinges

  • Offer extended functionality
  • Positioning technology 
  • Lift-off 
  • Concealed or surface hinges

Captive screws

  • Large selection of methods of operation 
  • Standard threads metric or imperial
  • Captive in a carrying plate 

Quick-access fasteners

  • Close securely – quick access 
  • Designed for frequent access
  • Captive installation 

Push-in and pull-out locks

  • Support secure installation and changing of electronic modules
  • Various methods of operation and insertion force

Positioning arm and display carrier

  • Integrated positioning technology for precise control 
  • Maintenance-free lifetime performance for most applications 
  • No adjustment or servicing needed

Handles and recessed grips

  • Installation is quick and easy 
  • Concealed handles with flat facing 

Cylinder locks

  • PK-system with replaceable locking cylinders
  • Flexible key coding 
  • Various sizes

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Technical specification
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