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Worldwide the KOENIG-EXPANDER® is the world leader solution for quick and reliable sealing of drilled holes. Extremely versatile and available in a variety of materials the KOENIG-EXPANDER® permanently resists even the most extreme loads and pressures. Originally designed for use in hydraulic assemblies, it is now well established in all industries as a component in engines, gearboxes and transmissions, suspensions and braking systems, as well as in steering and fuel injection systems. Thanks to the existing broad range of KOENIG-EXPANDERS® and the production of customer-specific sealing plugs, KVT offers the ideal sealingsystem for any application. The KOENIG-RESTRICTOR® is a reliable solution for tamper proof or interchangeable flow control and regulation.





Sealing technology

Push-type expanders

Pull-type expanders

Low-pressure expanders



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