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SmartBin – automatic intelligence

Since Bossard SmartBin was first introduced in 1998, it has helped many of our customers to achieve greater efficiency in procurement.

Bossard SmartBin is used in many different ways

Bossard SmarBin Logistic System

SmartBin flex

The latest invention makes logistics even more independent, flexible, and still fully automated. SmartBin flex can be placed wherever needed and doesn't even need a power connection to support lean manufacturing. The signals are transmitted wirelessly. SmartBin flex can be installed on a work cell or directly at the assembly line. This eliminates waiting times and goods movements as the material is supplied directly to the point of use.




Bossard SmarBin Logistic System

SmartBin mobile

An ideal solution when assembly processes involve the integration of large objects or changing working environments. Mobile trolleys are equipped with SmartBin, wireless communication, and powered by a battery. You take along the C-parts to the point of use.







Bossard SmarBin Logistic System

SmartBin classic

The classic version of SmartBin is used for Kanban pools.

It supports centralized and decentralized Kanban pools. SmartBin is able to manage small parts of a few grammes per bin or high volumes and large parts of up to 1,000 kg per palette.




Watch how SmartBin works


Jin Hon Chia

Jin Hon Chia, Key Account Manager, Bossard Pte. Ltd, Singapore

In the case of a service provider for public transport in Singapore a suitable logistics system reduces logistics costs substantially. A process analysis made it possible to streamline their approach on the supply of fasteners.

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