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Digital production and quality data

Testing products only at the end of assembly is expensive, because complex disassembly may be necessary to eliminate faults. By recording production data, you can carry out technical tests during assembly, see the progress against production targets and have a complete product life cycle record.

A continuous digitalization of production allows you to increase production throughput while improving quality and reducing costs.


Continuous process improvement

The goal of every production is to bring efficiency to a maximum.

To achieve this, a validated basis of production data is essential for evaluation. With Smart Factory Assembly you can evaluate and visualize all data. It does not matter whether an overview of individual workstations or of the entire production is required.

The data for all possible sequences, process points and also quality indicators are stored in the Smart Factory Assembly database and can be found quickly and easily.


Dashboard - process improvements:

Number of completed products

Number of completed products, sorted by status OK, NOK: query per time


Cycle time per station

Cycle time per station: Evaluation of the times from the start of a work instruction to the end of a work instruction, evaluation per station, display of the cycle time in seconds per station


Finished products compared to target value

Finished products compared to target value: Query per time, on the left the throughput times are shown, on the right the deviations from the average value


Lead time per product

Lead time per product: average value of the last X products, time from product start to product end




Traceability of quality data

All production data is stored in a database and can be viewed at any time in correlation to any order, product etc.

The stored data corresponds to the specifications from the work instructions. If, for example, screwdrivers are controlled, the screwdriving-relevant data such as angle of rotation, tightening torque or screwing time are stored. In addition, target values for screwdriving can be specified and visualized with the help of a screwing curve.

ELAM Dashboard – Evaluation of all data of the assembly process (German Video)