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Supplier Consolidation Solution – Reliable, seamless, efficient


Supplier Consolidation Solution 


Bossard's Supplier Consolidation Solution is designed to reduce process costs through effective supplier management leading to a simple administration and an increased control and visibility. By integrating your existing B- and C-parts suppliers, this Smart Factory Logistics solution guarantees fewer transactions and a seamless supply.

To take full advantage, our experts are at your disposal to streamline your supplier base. Whether you are using Smart Factory Logistics as an order trigger system or as a comprehensive supplier management, we are your reliable partner with a proven track record.


How we manage your inventory:

  1. Semi- and fully-automated smart Kanban systems monitor stock levels and trigger replenishment orders. 

  2. Our interactive supply chain platform ARIMS sends either a replenishment order directly to the supplier or an order proposal to your ERP.

  3. Suppliers prepare the material according to the replenishment order and label them with the location of the item.

  4. Depending on the pre-defined agreement, ordered items are consolidated into one shipment. The material is delivered either to the dock or directly to the point of use.




Integration of all suppliersIntegration of all suppliers
Streamline supplier baseStreamline supplier base
Coordination of informationCoordination of information flow
Coordination of material flowCoordination of material flow
ARIMS Analytics – Access to Operation Dashboard
Single point of contact


  • Highest supply guarantee
  • Leaner process, more efficient procurement
  • Significant reduction of administrative effort
  • Higher delivery performance and reliability
  • Reduced inventory
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership 
  • More time and focus on core activities


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