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Smart Factory Logistics Solutions

Smart Factory Solutions 

Our solutions are made for a smooth and reliable supply chain management.
Based on your needs and requirements, we customize our solutions especially for you. Focus on your core business, knowing that your supply chain is in good hands. 



Personalized and real-time data grants you full control and a transparent view of your inventory. Improve and optimize your supply chain through interactive program management and a mobile app.

Demand Management


Bossard Smart Factory Logistics systems are ready to use immediately. The systems guarantee article availability.

On-time Delivery


Select your preferred delivery method: Bossard delivers to your receiving area or replenishes directly at your work cell.

Expert Support


Our experts are on hand to design, maintain and optimize your system based on your needs and will offer you extra consulting services, if needed.

Customizable Options

  Customize your solution package with various features. such as:

Smart Factory Logistics - How It Works