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Smart Factory Logistics

Transform your production with Smart Factory Logistics

In today's fast moving world, optimizing your production and manufacturing are true drivers for growth.

The leaner and smarter your factory, the bigger your sustainable advantage. Transform your production with Smart Factory Logistics.

Bossard's Smart Factory Logistics is the key to smooth and seamless supply chain performance.

With innovative systems and custom solutions, we bring the Internet of Things to your factory and facilitate machine-to-machine communication. Focus on your core competence while we make your C-parts management leaner and more transparent. 

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Watch how Smart Factory Logistics works:

SFL systems


Optimize your B- and C-part management with Smart Factory Logistics systems.

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Simple logistics solutions or fully automated supply chain - depending on your demands.

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Your Smart Factory

Discover the opportunities of your smart factory with this interactive blueprint. Begin planning your factory of the future now.

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Potential Savings

With optimization of processes and minimization of costs you can save money.

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