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Connected devices for higher process reliability, process automation and data collection

The setting, calibration, and configuration of tools take up a lot of resources in manufacturing companies. With Smart Factory Assembly, all smart devices and tools that increase process reliability and/or the productivity of your shop floor can be connected to a single solution - Connect the device that best fits your needs.


The advantages:

  Highest possible process reliability

  Correct parameterization of tools according to the order and screwing location

  Wide range of standardized plug-and-play device integrations

  Automation of data collection and assembly steps

  Possibility of integrating any smart device

  Faster set-up of workstations

In principle, all devices can be controlled. We will gladly send you the list of tools for which an interface already exists.


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Bossard SmartTools

Bossard SmartTool Downloads

Screwdriving and riveting tools

Automatically control tools and parameterize them correctly.

Werkzeuge richtig parametrisieren
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Pick by Light

Employees at assembly workstations are guided through the assembly process with connected devices.

Mitarbeitende durch Montageprozess f├╝hren
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Scanner / Sensors / Cameras

Automatically process and convert inputs from tools and devices.

Automatisch Inputs von Werkzeugen verarbeiten
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Measuring instruments

Integrated measuring and control devices record and store the generated information.

Automatisch messen und kontrollieren
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Cobots / Robots

Partial work steps can be carried out by collaborating robots (Cobot) to relieve the employees.

Zusammenarbeit mit automatisierten Cobots
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Integrate your own or other tools?

Through our system we can integrate many tools and devices. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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