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Last Mile Management 

What is the Last Mile Management? 

Last Mile Management is a simple solution for internal logistics. It refers to the «Last Mile» from the central storage locations to the work cells. Moreover, Last Mile Management fully supports the milk run / water spider by efficiently carrying out his material flow in a time-saving manner. In short, benefit from intuitive and paperless instructions for setup and replenishment, shorter paths and full transparency.


without Last Mile Management

ohne LMM

with Last Mile Management




  • Optimization of the material flow and reduction of movements in internal logistics
  • Real-time consumption data for each work cell
  • Increased efficiency due to shorter order and delivery times
  • High reliability
  • Flexibility in reconfigurations


Replenishment process with Bossard Last Mile Management

Internal Logistics – Last Miile Management


  1. Demand request: At the work cell, a demand request is triggered semi- or fully automated - depending on the system.
  2. Digital picking list: The demand request is online transmitted to the Bossard software ARIMS and is added automatically to the digital picking list.
  3. Central storage locations: With the help of a digital picking list, the material can be efficiently picked at the supermarket, pre-assembly, warehouse, etc.
  4. Optimized route plan: The milk run / water spider receives a route plan to replenish the work cells: path-optimized, paperless, reliable and time-saving.


Electric Demand RequestElectric demand request
Digital App PaperlessMobile App – Paperless
Integration of all artcilesIntegration all articles
Digital Route PlanRoute definition – customizable
SImple Industry 4.0 ToolSimple industry 4.0 tool
Assembly workstationsWork cells – configurable


Online Converters / Calculators

Online Konverter und Rechner für Design und Produktion
Your optimized production could look like this.


factsheet LMM
Optimize your last mile.


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How Last Mile Management Works