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KVT Experience Center Linz

In the 1600m² area of the KVT Experience Center, the innovative fastening and assembly solutions are displayed and we look forward to your personal visit.

Official Opening Event

On Thursday 30.06.2022 from 10:00 to 17:00 is the official opening event of the KVT Experience Center. 

To provide the customers better and true experience of our product and services, KVT-Fastening has established the KVT Experience Center in an area of 1600m² with the following highlights:

  • Fastening solutions presentation
  • Live-demo of installation
  • Smart Factory Assembly – the digitized assembly workstation
  • Smart Factory Logistics – the digital C-part management solutions
  • Expert Teardown Service projects
  • Expert Test Service laboratory
  • …and other engineering services

Supporting program incl. meals, drinks, photo box and virtual race are available to ensure your fun and enjoyable day at KVT-Fastening.

Fill out the RSVP to help us for better organisation.


Smart Factory Assembly Showroom

Experience in person how the digitized assembly station looks like, how it can increase the process reliability and productivity, and how the robot can assist to optimize the process.

In the Smart Factory Assembly Showroom, you are able to try out the digitized manual assembly station and see the core components of the path to Factory 4.0 by yourself.




Expert Test Services

In the KVT Experience Center in Linz, we offer the following Expert Test Services to our customers.

  • Pull-out test
  • Pushout test
  • Torque-out test
  • Shear test
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Expert Teardown Services

Expert Teardown Services are carried out in the main hall of the KVT Experience Center. Here we disassemble customers' products, analyze the fastening elements, and provide the customer with our cost saving and assembly optimizing proposal.

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The KVT Experience Center offers a great environment and opportunity for the in-person Tech-Day for our customers. The Tech-Day is totally free of charge and is composed of 3 product solution and 1 innovation topics of your choice.

You can design your Tech-Day based on your interest and needs, and we will take care of the organization. During the in-person Tech-Day, you will benefit the most from our know-how and the hands-on experience in our facility.


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Smart Factory Logistics

Take the chance to see the Smart Factory Logistics system in the KVT Experiece Center personally. Smart Factory Logistics offers the pioneered digitized supply chain management for the C-parts.

With the new all-in-one SmartBin Cloud and SmartLabel Cloud, the total cost of ownership and the productivity is taken to the next level. 


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As an exclusive and global distributor, we offer the world's most innovative fastening technology: MultiMaterial-Welding. It involves an ultrasonic process to partially liquefy a thermoplastic fastening element to create a positive-locking connection within a fraction of a second.

The existing, fully automated machine allows us to offer our customers the service of producing prototypes or small series parts. Experience it personally at the KVT Experience Center.

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