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Smart Factory Assembly

The digital transformation in assembly

Digitizing assembly increases process reliability and productivity, which reduces production costs in your manufacturing. Smart Factory Assembly ensures optimal process control in manual assembly.

Qualität Schritt für Schritt  in der Produktion

Ensure Quality

Standardized workflows, up-to-date documentation, and connected devices ensure consistently high quality.

Flexibel bleiben in der Produktion

Increase Flexibility

Digital work instructions enable flexibility of employee assignments at different workplaces. The additional interconnection of all common production equipment drastically reduces changeover times.

Entscheide fällen in der Produktion

Create Transparency

Data ensures maximum transparency and traceability of production processes. Quality data is stored and process improvements can be made at any time.

Leistungssteigerung in der Produktion

Achieve Automation

The digitization of workflows automates process steps and increases process reliability.


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Smart Factory Assembly at a glance

The path to Factory 4.0 with these core components

Digital and interactive work instructions: The centrally editable and adaptable work instructions simplify variant management significantly. The assembly worker is guided through the assembly process and work steps are automatically documented.

Connected smart tools and devices: With Smart Factory Assembly, all relevant assembly tools such as intelligent screwdrivers, pick-to-light, presses or measuring equipment are connected and can interact with the system.

Traceability of quality data and continuous process improvement: The production data is traceable at product / order level and and the relevant production data can be reviewed at any time. The gained transparency about the assembly process allows for simple and quick analyses and fast improvement implementation.

Digital and interactive assembly instructions

Highest possible process reliability through digital visualization of the assembly instructions

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Connected and intelligent devices

Smart devices and tools are connected and can interact with the system

Werkzeuge richtig parametrisieren
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Traceability of production data

Data makes optimization potentials in the assembly process visible

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Our solution adapts to your needs

Test Smart Factory Assembly in your production. If the system is the right one for you, you can decide on the appropriate variants

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