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innovative and convincing solutions for engineered access hardware 

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Thanks to the wide and comprehensive range of Southco products, there are many ways to use them for a wide variety of applications. We are happy to support you in the search and selection of the best product to solve your challenges.

Take advantage of our many years of experience and find out how Southco solutions can add real value to your company. We advise you quickly, free of charge and competently.

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Southco Expertenberatung

Southco® program

Whether in the fields of vehicle or special vehicle construction, mechanical engineering, lighting or medical technology, the KVT-Fastening product portfolio offers a variety of solutions in the area of hinge and locking technology.

You will find further details and overviews in our brochure and the Southco general catalog. In addition to the standard portfolio, we also offer you cross-industry individual modifications and special solutions.

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CounterBalance - modular heavy duty torsion spring system

  • Easy positioning and holding of heavy flaps and panels
  • Replaces gas pressure springs and minimizes lifting forces
  • Maintenance-free, temperature-stable and repeatable up to 100,000 cycles
  • Allows self-opening, free positioning and locking positions

Technical details:
> Video CB-hinge
> Download the CounterBalance brochure
> Download catalog CB hinge with torsion spring
> Download the CB LIFT-A-SYST® catalog
> CounterBalance web news

Scharniere und Bänder

Hinges and straps

  • Flexible positioning of loads thanks to locking and friction hinges
  • Maximum ease of assembly and maintenance
  • Increased security and an aesthetically pleasing look through concealed mounting
  • Large number of variants for almost every demanding application

Technical details:
> Download brochure
> Video detachable hinge 96
> Video friction hinge E6
> Video friction hinge AH-2E


Positioning arm and display carrier

  • Easy display positioning up to 22.6 kg
  • Flexible rotation / pan / tilt
  • Attractive design thanks to concealed cable routing
  • Long service life> 20,000 cycles
  • Can be flexibly combined thanks to the modular design

Technical details:
> Download brochure
> Video height adjustable V and W series AV-D32

Elektromechanische Verschlüsse

Electronic access solutions

  • Reliable function and high mechanical strength
  • Low power consumption due to DC motor in combination with latch gear
  • Increased security through concealed installation as well as door and locking status monitoring
  • Intelligent control by means of an integrated microprocessor and mechanical emergency release function
Rotary Verschlüsse

Rotary push-to-close system

  • Simple opening via direct actuation or remote release
  • One or two-stage closing by pressing shut (FMVSS 206)
  • Compatible with a wide variety of electronic / mechanical actuators and triggers
  • Numerous variants with max. mechanical load capacities up to 12,000 N

Technical details:
> Video rotary locking system R4

Kompressions Verschlüsse

Cam- and compression-latches

  • The compression enables a tight and vibration-proof closing
  • Hand, tool or key operated versions
  • Variable holding areas with adjustable or fixed bolts
  • Degree of protection IP / NEMA for many variants

Technical details:
Video compression lock with variable contact pressure 27
> Video Lift & Turn compression lock 62
> Video lever lock with compression C2
> Video bolt lock with compression E3


Push-in and pull-out locks

  • Easy opening and closing with a 90 ° turn
  • Variable holding areas with adjustable or fixed bolts
  • Hand, tool or key operated versions
  • Degree of protection IP / NEMA for many variants


Push-to-close latches

  • Convenient closing by simply pushing it shut
  • Visible or hidden access
  • Hand or key operated versions
  • Fast snap-in single-hole assembly with many variants

Technical details:
> Video snap-in snap lock A3


Draw latches

  • Plates are pulled together and held securely in place
  • Vibration-proof thanks to the clamps or elastic straps
  • Adjustable variants for flexible holding areas and to compensate for assembly tolerances
  • Locking options with locking spring or padlock

Locks for swing doors and sliding doors:

  • Quick opening and closing by a quarter turn (hand or tool operated)
  • Captive assembly (Machinery Directive / electronic devices)
  • High vibration resistance
  • Repeatable actuation with a defined actuation force
Technical details:
> Download brochure
> Video DZUS® quarter-turn fastener
Unverlierbare Schrauben

Captive screws

  • Captive in the supporting plate
  • Hand or tool operated
  • Variants with color-coded buttons
  • Various installation options and a large selection of actuation types
Kippdrehhebel und Mehrpunktsysteme

Turn-and-tilt and multi-point systems

  • Easy to operate by lifting and turning
  • Can be used as 1-point or multi-point locking
  • Safety options for hand, key and tool operation
  • Various lock bar options

Technical details:
> Video entry and exit lever lock HH

Griffe und Griffmulden

Handles and recessed grips

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ergonomic standard lengths and comfortable gripping points
  • Surface mount and flush models
  • Foldable handle variants adapt optimally to the respective application