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Expert Education

Expert Education – Become an expert in fastening technology

Develop internal knowledge and skills in tailor-made training sessions about engineering principles, applications, fasteners and assembly technology.

As an engineer, you are the key to a safe and reliable product. Add to your expertise with in depth knowledge about fastening technology to begin improving the quality of your products today. Benefit from different formats of customized learning. In in-person seminars you benefit from a hands-on practical approach. Interactive learning with webinars can be conducted easily at our desks. Additionally, benefit from our expertise right now. Explore our technical information and tools to discover a wide range of fastener know how, calculators, converters and more.

Gain all relevant knowledge in assembly technology

  • To design your product with the right fasteners
  • To optimize your production for a lean manufacturing process
  • To choose the most economical choice of fasteners
  • To meet the highest quality standards

Our seminars suit different skills and industries:

  • Self-clinching technology
  • High-strength rivet joints
  • Blind rivet nuts
  • Blind rivets
  • Set-up, safe operation and maintenance of tools and machines
  • Product trainings: Thread inserts (Tappex®, Keenserts®, Filtec®), bigHead®, Access solutions (Southco®, Camloc®)
  • Basic and technical introduction to fasteners
  • Securely fastened joints
  • Focusing on corrosion
  • Cost savings
  • Fastening Qualification VDI/VDE 2637 11
  • Fasteners for different market segments, like automotive, construction, electronics, food, medical, robotics and trains

New E-Learning Portal

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn at your own pace and at your own convenience and save not only time but money!


More information about the E-Learning Portal


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Study your fasteners and tools in use, we determine how to proceed leaner and smarter

Expert Teardown
Identify the best fastening solution and cost saving potential for you

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Design your best product with a wide range of technical information and tools

Expert Test Services
Accredited test laboratories guarantee that your manufacturing reliably meets quality requirements

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Reduce TCO by identifying opportunities for fastener rationalization