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Fastening technology

The KVT-Fastening product portfolio offers solutions for a wide range of challenges and applications for the fastening industry. Our product range includes fastening elements like blind rivets, blind rivet nuts, thread inserts, self-clinching fasteners by PEM, access solutions, and many more.
quick release pins

Quick release pins and spring plungers

For connections, replacements, holding, fixing and securing and can also be released immediately.

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bonding fastener

bigHead® Fasteners

BIGHEAD® fastening elements are convincing as universal connectors resistant to tearing off and tearing out and are easy to install, meeting the most stringent demands.

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blind rivet nuts

Blind rivet nuts

Wherever load-bearing threads are required in thin-walled materials or hollow mouldings, blind rivet nuts, rationally and without adjustment being necessary, installed from one side – i.e. "blind" are the answer.

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blind rivets

Rivet technology

Whether steel, plastic or other materials with differing degrees of strength, blind rivets will ensure a firm fastening.

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Stud welding systems

WELKO® stud welding with tip ignition has been used successfully all over the world for many years.

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Sealing technology

The KOENIG-EXPANDER® is the world's number 1 sealing technology for reliable and instantaneous sealing of drilled holes.

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Pressure intensifiers

2000 bar hydraulic pressure from a low-pressure pump? One of the roles of our miniBOOSTER pressure boosters for oil and water hydraulics.

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Flow control solutions

KOENIG RESTRICTOR® and KOENIG CHECK VALVE® are designed for reliable performance and simple installation in your application. Easy integration in numerous diverse applications such as automotive powertrains, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, medical equipment, agricultural equipment, and various fluid power and hydraulic systems.

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Thread inserts

Thread inserts

Threaded inserts create precise, resistant female threads in workpieces of lightweight metal and other materials with low shear strength. They include brands such as TAPPEX®, KEENSERTS®, FILTEC®, LOCKFIL, FASTEKS and KLIPKO®.

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Self-clinching fastener

PEM® self-clinching fasteners guarantee absolutely reliable grip, are practical to install and save both time and money.

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quick fastening elements

Quick fastening elements and clips

Simple to install, flexible and stable, quick-fastening system ensure reliable grip when joining different materials and surfaces.

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lock nuts

Lock nuts

Self-locking nuts are used in many designs to ensure permanent screw connections. They include brands such as FASTEKS PRECISKO® and ELASTIC STOP®.

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Access solutions

Convincing solutions in the fields of locking and fastening technology with plenty of room for design.

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LiteWWeightTM Core


MM-Welding® technology is an innovative fastening technique using ultrasonic energy to create a frictional positive connection in porous materials, sheet structures, sandwich materials, injection-moulded and pressure mouldings. To achieve this, rod or collar-shaped thermoplastic elements are used to fasten components.

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Adhesives and sealants

A wide and extensive range of adhesives.

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Grounding connection

Cam-Safe® grounding connector - the new industry standard for safety-critical electrical grounding.

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