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About Us

KVT-Fastening is an expert for high-quality, special fastening applications and offers engineering solutions based on the wide product portfolio of the leading manufacturers in the market.

Cutting-edge expertise for innovative fastening technology

High-performance solutions from KVT-Fastening are found wherever absolutely safe and secure connections are essential. These small but extremely resilient components play key roles where it matters most – whether in the electronics and energy sector, the automotive and transportation industries, aviation and aerospace, engineering and construction, precision engineering, or medical equipment.

Solutioneering – always the best solution in mind
KVT-Fastening does not just supply standard products and individual components, but also provides close and active customer support in the search for ideal solutions, particularly when specific requirements must be fulfilled. This portfolio is complemented by a range of innovative tools and machines as well as, if needed, the integration into automated serial production workflows.  

For superior cohesion in fastening technology
In the field of fastening technology, our global network and the continuous expansion of the KVT-Fastening guarantee the best in technical consulting services thanks to highly skilled engineers with many years of experience, process know-how and cost awareness for both local and international customers. At KVT, the primary focus is not just on individual products, but on the best solution for the customer.

Since 1927 KVT-Fastening has been known for its solution-driven know-how, unique expertise in development and consultancy as well as standing out for their reliability.

KVT-Fastening at a glance:


  • Leading international specialists for high-quality, special fastening applications.
  • Market focus: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Central- and Eastern Europe.
  • 255 employees throughout the Group
  • CEO: Dr. Frank Hilgers.
  • Three main logistic centers: Dietikon (CH), Illerrieden (D) and Pichling/Linz (A).
  • 25'000 active customers.
  • More than 70’000 product items.
  • Product portfolio comprising more than 50 established brands
  • QA testing
  • QA certification ISO 9001/ ISO 14001
  • Product training services available for customers
  • Comprehensive testing, such as corrosion and salt-spray testing, test loading, tensile strength, hardness, and molecular testing.
  • Realization of customer-specific bar-coded packaging requirements: from small quantity and bulk packaging to pallets and KLT container delivery.
  • E-Procurement
  • E-Shop
  • EDI capable
  • VDA standards-compliant electronic data transfer  


KVT-Fastening division acquired by Bossard Group

Since 1.12.2012 the Bossard Group has taken over the fastening technology department of the KVT Group. This department will act as the independent company KVT-FASTENING. As the internationally leading specialist this department offers filed, high-quality individual components and customer-specific solutions for applications in a variety of industries and sectors.

Bossard Logo

The Bossard Group has existed since 1831 and is currently being run by the seventh generation of the same family. The company is a leading provider of intelligent solutions for industrial fastening technology. The range includes global sales, technical consulting (engineering) and logistics of fastening technology components and bolts. Their customers include local and multi-national industrial companies which Bossard helps reach a higher level of productivity with their solutions. Bossard is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

The competencies of the KVT-Fastening, particularly in solutioneering in the core countries of Europe with Germany, Switzerland and Austria enhance the Bossard portfolio outstandingly. Together with the competencies of the Bossard Group in goods management, the logistics of C parts, the procurement of special parts and process consulting, many new options are to be found on the market which will make the KVT-Fastening even stronger. The company has three main logistics centres in Dietikon (CH), Illerrieden (D) and Pichling/Linz (A).


Customers benefit from the extension of competencies in industrial fastening technology and from an optimally enhanced product and service portfolio thanks to this strategic acquisition.

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