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Thanks to our global supplier portfolio and many years of experience with all types of connection technology, we will reliably support you in your individual innovation project.

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  • 190 years of experience in fastening technology
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  • B- and C-parts management
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3Own testing laboratories

  • Test laboratories accredited according to ISO / IEC 17025 (mechanical, optical, geometric and chemical test methods)

3Eigene Prüflaboratorien

  •  Nach ISO/IEC 17025 akkreditierte Prüflaboratorien (mechanische, optische, geometrische und chemische Prüfmethoden)

3Eigene Prüflaboratorien

  •  Nach ISO/IEC 17025 akkreditierte Prüflaboratorien (mechanische, optische, geometrische und chemische Prüfmethoden)


ecosyn®-SFT is a system that was developed to easily connect two components with elongated holes. The big advantage of this innovative solution is that it combines all connecting elements in one module.

Function: Position the drill hole of the accessory so that it overlaps the elongated hole of the carrier part. Then the ecosyn®-SFT is guided through the bore and the elongated hole. When the screw is tightened, the ecosyn®-SFT locks reliably lock on the back of the carrier part.

Advantages: Only one assembly step required! This results in considerable time savings during assembly compared to conventional connecting elements. ecosyn®-SFT connection elements only require one-sided access. A subsequent correction of the position is possible without any problems.

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InWWerse® Fastener

Based on the innovative MM-Welding® process, the InWWerse® fastening technology opens up another exciting field of application with its proven advantages in industry. The MM-Welding® engineers have developed a unique connection solution.

Do you need to connect thermoplastic components quickly and reliably? Joining thin walls and avoiding read-through effects? Do you have any Class-A surface requirements?

The innovative InWWerse® technology offers process times of less than 1 second. Since no liquid adhesive handling is required, this system enables significant cost reduction and process optimization effects.

Use the advantages of InWWerse® connection technology for your application and join us in being the innovation leader.

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Do you have to compensate for manufacturing tolerances? Do you have gaps that are difficult to adjust?

WITOL® tolerance compensation systems can be used wherever tolerances in the form of cavities have to be compensated. Together with our partner WITOL®, we offer intelligent fastening systems from the first idea to series production.

The solutions can be 100% adapted to your interface in order to integrate them into the given environment.

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