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DZUS quarter turn quick release fasteners


Background discussion with Alexander Dobler, Business Development Manager, and Oliver Leitmann, Senior Expert Product Management

Opening and closing with a quarter turn

Higher performance and a more secure fit with less effort – this was the company's top priority during development of the Southco DZUS quarter-turn quick fasteners. Their key functionality is obvious from the name alone – all variants of these fasteners can be opened and closed safely, quickly and repeatedly with just a quarter turn, either with a tool or by hand. This simple operating principle makes Southco DZUS quarter-turn quick-release fasteners from KVT-Fastening ideal for a wide range of industrial and engineering applications. In our interview, Alexander Dobler, Business Development Manager, and Oliver Leitmann, Senior Expert Product Management, discuss their unique characteristics and advantages compared to conventional methods.

When it comes to fasteners, many companies resort to traditional solutions. Why are screws and nuts not always the best choice?

Alexander Dobler: "Traditional threading systems are inexpensive – but often only in terms of the purchase cost. Depending on the application area and whether a cover or closure needs to be permanently fixed – or whether frequent access is required – even a 'simple' requirement quickly becomes more complex. When other factors are taken into account, such as time savings for access, repeatability and process reliability, as well as captive fasteners that cannot get lost, the overall costs suddenly look quite different. Quarter-turn quick-release fasteners are actually the better choice, not only from a technical but also an economic perspective. It's therefore well worth considering them for machines, vehicles, IT cabinets and enclosures, lighting units and a variety of other applications."

What is the difference between quarter-turn quick-release fasteners and traditional solutions?

Oliver Leitmann: "With quarter-turn quick-release fasteners, the name says it all – they can be safely opened and closed with just a quarter turn. The pre-defined clamping force ensures a secure fit and over-twist protection at all times. Thanks to the pre-tension force and special locking pin geometry, they also offer increased vibration resistance. Another advantage is that they cannot get lost. When opening or closing, no parts can fall down as all components are firmly integrated, thus ensuring compliance with the Machinery Directive. The tool-free versions allow all activities to be carried out quickly with minimal preparation. With conventional screw connections, it's not easy to tell whether they have been tightened to the correct torque. By contrast, the alignment of a quarter-turn quick-release fastener makes it possible to see at a glance whether it is open or closed. There is even a version that combines our proven 'click-in' mechanism with acoustic feedback. Generally speaking, these fasteners allow all kinds of work, especially overhead work, to be carried out more efficiently and without fatigue."

How easily can the product be adapted to the respective requirement?

Oliver Leitmann: "The configuration options that are currently available cover a wide range. On the material side, numerous versions in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic are available for the locking pin and the counter piece. On the mounting side, you can choose between push-on, rivet, welded, press-fit, snap-in and screw-on counter pieces. Apart from the standard portfolio, additional custom solutions can be developed which, for example, offer increased access protection due their specific head shape. The range of possible applications is correspondingly wide in terms of corrosion resistance and resilience to both high and low temperatures. The optional colour coding also allows clear assignment and identification of different access points, for example during maintenance work on electrical, switching and telecommunications equipment.

Webinar on 27 November 2019 from 14:00 to 14:45 hrs
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