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Plugging instead of screwing: Safe and fast filling of oxygen cylinders with WEH Connectors

WEH Quick Connector

Illerrieden/Germany - In cases of particularly severe courses of Covid-19, mechanical ventilation with oxygen is often the only way to save a patient's life. Even in less severe cases, oxygen supply supports the patients in breathing. With the increasing spread of the corona virus, the need for medical oxygen has therefore risen sharply. In practice, this means that oxygen cylinders must be filled more frequently and faster. A supplier of medical oxygen based in Germany has therefore decided to change from screw connectors to more efficient WEH Connectors TW152 with jaw locking system. KVT-Fastening is the exclusive distributor of WEH Connectors and supports the customer as an engineering partner during the changeover.

Connection within seconds

The connectors of type TW152 allow oxygen cylinders to be filled much faster. Users also benefit from reliable filling processes and lower costs. Due to the speed and reliability of the filling process, empty cylinders can be quickly refilled and returned to the patients.

With their unique jaw locking system, the WEH Connectors TW152 have a unique position in the market. The system ensures a quite simple connection: Place the Connector onto the external thread of the bottle valve and push the sliding sleeve forward. The expandable thread segments clamp onto the standard thread of the cylinder valve and a pressure tight connection is established. The comfortable design makes screwing superfluous and thus protects the user's joints. It also ensures easy filling within seconds, even where space is limited. Safety is further improved by the internal locking mechanism, which prevents locking at a pressure of over 5 bar. Thanks to the high-quality material, the WEH Connectors are very durable and suitable for permanent use. Even with frequent use the low-wear system prevents damage to the cylinder thread.

The valve has been designed for filling oxygen cylinders equipped with pressure valves and protective caps. Alternatively, the connector is available with straight or 90° medium supply line and for cylinder valves with or without residual pressure valves. KVT-Fastening can supply further connection diameters and types in accordance with different national standards on request.

For further information please visit our homepage or watch the following video: - perfect to understand the product correctly.