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The principle of a bigHead® fastener is simple: a fixing like a threaded collar, stud, nut or pin is welded to a perforated head. 

Possible applications through maximum design freedom

The unique construction and flexible design of the bigHead® enable a secure connection in workpieces made of plastic or composite materials without pre-drilling or punching. The bigHead® fasteners can be embedded directly during the production process or subsequently integrated or glued onto the workpiece.

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LIberating potential

We help designers and engineers to fasten materials across a wide range of industries. From super-cars and luxury yachts to infrastructure projects and public utilities. Wherever you see a complex fastening challenge, you’ll find a bigHead hard at work.

The challenge of finding the right connection solution for composite materials

With the increasing use of composite materials as a result of expanding areas of application, the challenge of finding the right connection solution for every application increases.

Our white paper examines some proven interconnect solutions within an ever-growing market.

We wish you exciting insights and enjoy reading.


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bigHead® possible applications

bigHeads® are the ideal products for creating secure connections on and in a wide variety of components. The fastening elements enable the efficient assembly of an assembly as well as a combination with a second connection element, such as:

  • Threaded connections for assembling an assembly (left picture)
  • Cable holder for fixing cable ties (right picture)

bigHead® range


Core range

A pre-defined range of 156 products, supported by usage guidelines and technical data. Core range products can be used in both post-process and co-process applications.



Extended range

Selected product ranges, in a wider variety of fixing type and size combinations.


  • Non circular heads, including square and rectangle
  • Further circular head diameters
  • Additional fixings: nuts, nails, loops, pins, etc.

Post-process bonding

Adhesive bonding is the most common post-process installation technique for bigHead® products, although some solutions utilise mechanical fixation. Adhesive bonding is suitable for both metallic and non-metallic materials, including sandwich materials. 


cross section

Co-process embedding

Embedding or co-processing a bigHead® includes the fastener in the parent component’s manufacturing process, such as moulding.



Your design partner

Working in partnership from early on in the design phase, bigHead® can help you avoid design, fastening or assembly compromises.

bigHead® has the knowledge and expertise to support your design and engineering activities across multiple stakeholders.


  • Technical information and guidelines 
  • Design and assembly review
  • Materials and manufacturing process integration
  • Applications engineering support
  • Testing and validation
  • Prototyping and samples
special hybrid

Special solutions

If the pre-defined core and extended ranges don’t meet your exact requirements, bigHead® can offer a multitude of ways for you to optimise your product solution.


  • Different sizes and configurations for maximising fastening possibilities
  • Coatings options to suit wide-ranging requirements
  • Features for optimising manufacturing process integration, assembly operations
  • Products that fulfil specific application or performance requirements
  • Design and development from prototype to full-scale production
  • Testing and validation and applications engineering support