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Lean Bonding

bigHead® Lean Bonding®

A quick, clean and reliable method of fastening connecting elements either on composite materials or on metallic substrates. bigHead® Lean Bonding® can be used fully automatically for large quantities, or applied manually for small requirements. With a cycle time of just ten seconds, bigHead® Lean Bonding® is able to improve your production process impressively.


  • Simple: single component and a single-stage process
  • Speedy: workable after only ten seconds
  • Discreet: no visible signs on the “A” surface
  • Easy: access from one side
  • Practical: can be handled immediately
  • Adaptable: a variety of coatings, sizes and adhesives available
  • Clean: no cleaning up of adhesive necessary
  • Versatile: bonds to GFRP, CFRP, aluminium, steel etc.



  • Typical tensile strength 3.3 to 7.7 MPa
  • Variation coefficient (CoV) typically < 5 %
  • Resistant to red rust for 240-1000 hours
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The Process: automated, semi-automatic or manual?

The Lean Bonding® process can be integrated into a fully automated process. From individual automated cells to complete system integration in the factory. For smaller volumes we can also offer as an alternative a simple and efficient processing system for manual bonding processes.

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Product details


  • Head diameter: 24 mm
  • Thread sizes: M5 or M6
  • Thread lengths: 16 or 20 mm
  • Material: carbon steel



The bigHead® fastening element is available in a wide range of OEM-approved coatings. For further information please visit The tecHub.


Polyurethane: fast. Firm, low-temperature-curing epoxy resin: very strong, CDC-compatible, highly resistant to environmental influences.