Grounding connector with a system

The Cam-Safe Grounding Connector is a unique system-based approach to electrical grounding in electrical hazard applications.

It is therefore ideal for many industries - such as transport or renewable energies and more.

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Grounding bolt

The Cam-Safe grounding bolt is available in various material versions:

  • Unique contact function enables superior lifetime performance.
  • Available in sizes M6, M8 and M10.
  • Variants for installation in aluminum and stainless steel.
  • A standard size for material thicknesses from 1.5 mm to 5 mm.
  • Repair and maintenance solutions available
  • Barcode for the individual setting of the setting process.

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Grounding nut

The Cam-Safe grounding nut enables a ground connection using conventional screws.

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Available in sizes M6, M8 and M10.
  • Unique contact function enables superior lifetime performance.
  • Barcode for the individual setting of the setting process.

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For our Cam-Safe system, we also offer you the matching locking nut from the ecosyn® brand.

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Installation tool

The installation tool is specially designed for quick and effective installation of grounding bolts and nuts.

  • Simple process that can be carried out with minimal training
  • The complete installation process takes <20 seconds per fastening element
  • Automatic tool release after the set-up
  • Immediate ok / not ok verification
  • Acoustic and / or optical confirmation signals

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Barcode functionality

The Cam-Safe grounding bolt installation tool has a barcode reader which enables the installation parameters to be set safely and quickly.

  • Fast and easy barcode reading function

  • Each fastening element has an orderly installation barcode on the packaging

  • The barcode reader thus enables automated program allocation within the tool
barcode cam-safe

Not the right grounding connector here?

Below you will find further products from the area of grounding connectors. You can also find more details in our e-shop.

PEM® Self-clinching grounding lugs

Self-clinching technology has the advantage over rivet lugs that the lugs can be precisely positioned.

There is no need for reworking, as impurities such as weld spatter do not arise.

There are also no openings and gaps as is the case with sheet metal punchings.> Send inquiry

POP® Grounding rivet

Rivet mandrel and shank made of copper for good electrical conductivity.


  • Wedge design for earthing connection on prepainted sheets.
  • Available with one or more connection lugs
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FASTEKS KLIPKO® Grounding cage nuts

  • Ensuring electrical conductivity in housings.
  • High security against stripping of the thread in thin sheet metal.
  • Compensation of positioning errors.
  • Integrated upturned lugs that penetrate the surface for grounding.
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