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thread insert tools

Thread insert tools

The precise thread insert tools from KVT-Fastening ensure a secure fixing for all wire thread inserts of the Tappex, Filtec, Lockfil, Kato, Keensert and Fasteks types

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Tappex® Generation 3 Heat Inserter

 The Tappex® Generation 3 Heat Inserter is designed to allow quick, easy and repeatable heat installation of a range of threaded inserts for press-in like Tappex Multiserts® and Microbarbs®.

The standard version of the Tappex® Generation 3 Heat Inserter is equipped with a single heater cartridge for installing one insert at one time. 

In addition to the standard version the Generation 3 Heat Inserter is capable of installing up to 4 inserts at multiple heights at one time with additional cartridges fitted. This is application specific and there will be design work / additional machining required - please contact us for further details.


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Tappex® Electric screwdriver 035/E/A

  • Automatic reverse function
  • Adjustable torque settings
  • Torque range 0,29 – 25 Nm
  • ¼” output spindle.
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KEENSERT® Hydro-pneumatic power tools 3352PT

  • The hydro-pneumatic Power Tool 3352PT1 is designed to install metric KEENSERT® from sizes M5 to M12.

  • The slightly bigger 3352PT2 has a larger stroke to install M5 to M24 sized metric KEENSERT®. For each size of KEENSERT® a specific nose piece is required.

  • Individual adjustments can be made using the integrated force control depending on size of the KEENSERT® and hardness of the surrounding material.

  • Due to the one-button operation it is easy to operate. The installation is quick, consistent and reliable.

  • The hydro-pneumatic system is low maintenance, ergonomic and lightweight.

  • Please note: Next to the Power Tool 3352PT1 and 3352PT2 an appropriate nosepiece set for each size of KEENSERT® needs to be ordered separately.

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Pneumatic setting tool for FILTEC®+ / LOCKFIL®+

FILTEC + WINTOOL pneumatic set

Pneumatic screwdriver with positioning arm

Speed: 550 rpm

Torque: 0.6 - 5 Nm

Size: M2 - M22

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Inserting tools for electric or pneumatic screwdrivers for FILTEC®+

FILTEC®+ with its optimised conception can be installed with usual electric screwdrivers as easily as a screw. The setting tool with necked nose previously required is no longer necessary, but can also be used for FILTEC®+.

Further designs on request



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Manual inserting tools forFILTEC®+ and LOCKFIL®+

Thanks to optimized conception and these setting tools, FILTEC®+ and LOCKFIL®+ threaded inserts can be turned in as easily as a screw. The setting tool with necked nose is no longer necessary, but can also be used for FILTEC®+ and LOCKFIL®+.

Further designs on request

Setting spindle No. 4 – 17 for threads > M4


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