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Lock nuts

Self-locking nuts are used in many designs to ensure permanent screw connections. They include brands such as FASTEKS PRECISKO® and ELASTIC STOP®.

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Self-Locking Nuts

The most secure design is no good when the screw joint breaks down later. Precise analysis of prevailing types of load and properties is therefore very important. This will decide whether locknuts compliant with DIN 980, 6923, 6927 or a self-locking slotted nut with a polyamide ring will ensure the right connection.

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  • highly precise spindles, shafts, axles rotate in ball, roller and needle bearings
  • initial tension is required
  • security against loosening is a prerequisite
  • high-precision threads are required
  • middle to high operational loads exist
  • a space-saving design meant for simple installation is required.
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