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Choosing the right display option

In order to provide employees in assembly with the right information at the right time, an adequate display form is important.

Possible display forms are:

Tablet display

The tablet display is particularly suitable for flexible operations. The assistance function is primarily displayed so that the employees can be guided through the assembly process via visual instructions. The tablets can also be used as a scanner or camera with an integrated camera.

Screen display

In many companies, information is already transmitted at the workstations by means of screens. A touch function helps to facilitate interaction with the employees. The assistance function helps the employee to find his way in the assembly process and feedback can be processed via the touch function.


Projecting work content onto the workstation is already used in various activities. Combined with gesture monitoring, the movement of employees can be recorded and transmitted to the system. The projection shows the employee the upcoming steps at any time and thus helps to work through the production process as reliably as possible.

Data glasses

Data glasses are being used more and more frequently in production. The information can be displayed directly in the field of vision and the employees are always informed. With the help of mixed reality, you have the possibility to dynamically display information in the field of vision and thus ensure optimal employee management.