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Cooperation with automated cobots

For complex tasks with high accuracy or very high monotony, the support of collaborative robots (Cobots) can relieve the workload of the employees and increase productivity.

Advantages of using collaborative robots:

  • Increase productivity through parallel working
  • Reduction of errors to a minimum
  • Process-safe attitude of the accuracy
  • Avoidance of monotony in the work of the employee


Cobot capabilities:


Kollaborativer RoboterIntegration of collaborative robots

Cobots are controlled by the system, similar to the way a screwdriver works. The programs are taught and programmed via the robot's software. The Cobot receives the signal for the work to be carried out in the corresponding work step. If you are interested in the integration of collaborative robots in your production, we would be happy to advise you.

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Integration of robots (Cobots)