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SmartLabel Cloud

flexible - transparent - adaptable

Last Mile Management  


Bossard SmartLabel Cloud - Material management of B- and C-parts in storage, production and directly at the workplace. 


SmartLabel Cloud is an intelligent modular label solution that can be fixed anywhere. All relevant product information, as well as real-time order status and delivery date, are visible at a glance on the display through the newest IIoT communication. This guarantees a better product information overview on-site and ensures full control and reliability. Users can release orders directly at the point of use at the touch of a button.

The SmartLabel display is based on the e-paper technology. It is easy to read under all lighting conditions through improved mounting position. A long battery lifetime (up to 5 years) ensures minimal maintenance and sustainability. SmartLabel Cloud is a modular all-in-one system that is a pioneer for further technological enhancements such as pick-to-light, enabled by an integrated LED.



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Interactive Supply Chain Platform that provides you with full control of your material flow.

Last Mile Management

A simple solution for your internal milk run activities.

Supplier Consolidation Solution

Reducing process costs through effective supplier management.