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Digital and interactive work instructions: The centrally editable and adaptable work instructions simplify variant management significantly. The assembly worker is guided through the assembly process and work steps are automatically documented.

Connected smart tools and devices: With Smart Factory Assembly, all relevant assembly tools such as intelligent screwdrivers, pick-to-light, presses or measuring equipment are connected and can interact with the system.

Traceability of quality data and continuous process improvement: The production data is traceable at product / order level and and the relevant production data can be reviewed at any time. The gained transparency about the assembly process allows for simple and quick analyses and fast improvement implementation.


Start with Proof of Concept and experience by yourself.

The Proof of Concept enables real production experience to be gained with the scope of Smart Factory Assembly. The model offers a quickly implementable, risk-free and supported transfer for you. A Proof of Concept offers you the optimal framework for Smart Factory Assembly in your production environment and recognize the benefits for you.


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