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Avdel Breakstem Riveting Systems - Joining components and diverse materials that vary in thickness and composition is a fundamental aspect of our breakstem fastening systems. The flexibility to meet a wide range of customer requirements ensures that an optimal fastening solution can be tailored to the needs of the application.

Avdel Speed Fastening® Systems

Speed Fastening Systems can be used to assemble metal and plastics, composite material and electronic components. With an average cycle time of less than two seconds, these systems provide a fast installation from one side (blind).


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Thanks to the wide and comprehensive range of riveting technology, there are many options for using them for a wide variety of applications.

We are happy to support you in the search and selection of the best product to solve your challenges.

Take advantage of our many years of experience and find out how our riveting technology solutions can create real added value for your company. We offer:

  • C-parts optimization - reduction of the variety of parts
  • Development partnership
  • Automation and process monitoring
  • Complete systems - everything from a single source

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Breakstem rivets

The wide range of Avdel® breakstem fasteners can be used to fasten a variety of materials including soft, brittle and thin metals and plastics. They are designed to meet the highest quality standards and built to resist the toughest environmental extremities.

Breakstem rivets (non-structural):

  • Avex®, Stavex®, Avinox®, Avibulb®

Structural breakstem rivets:

  • Avibulb® XT, Avinox® XT, Hemlok®, Monobolt®, Interlock®

Additional information on request.

Avdel Speed rivets

Speed rivets

Speed Fastening Systems can reduce assembly costs, shorten cycle times, increase productivity and reduce rework and other quality costs. Speed Fastening Systems are well suited for use in small, medium and large batch processes as well as continuous production lines.

Speed rivets:

  • Briv, Chobert, Neospeed, Rivscrew, Avsert, Avtronic, etc.

Additional information on request.

Avdel tools

Installation Equipment

A comprehensive range of high performance tools ensure reliable and accurate installation of our breakstem fasteners. Combining the latest design and engineering technology with robust and durable construction, the range includes hydro-pneumatic hand tools, a battery powered tool as well as fully automated, customized equipment for high volume production.

Installation Equipment:

  • For breakstem rivets: nGenesis series (NG2, NG3, NG4) etc.
  • For speed rivets: 7530, 7537, etc.

Additional information on request.