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Process automatic inputs

To achieve the highest possible productivity, it is important that sub-steps can be automated and inputs can be processed automatically. Smart Factory Assembly offers various possibilities.

Advantages of automatic inputs:

  • Productivity is not inhibited
  • Errors are reduced to a minimum

Possibilities to process inputs automatically:




The scanner can read a large amount of information into the system with one scan. The stored logic can filter out the required information. Scanners are often used to identify components, save serial numbers or start orders. With Smart Factory Assembly, different types of scanners can be coupled. Whether via cable or radio, we integrate the scanner according to your needs.

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In order not to interrupt the work flow, sensors help to automate the process. The type of sensor is not important. The inputs from the sensors can be used to advance the work instruction. The values from the sensors can be stored in the system if they offer an additional benefit for the production.

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Cameras are used to store images or information from the image area. This information can be stored in the product file and called up at any time. Depending on your needs, there are different camera systems that can be integrated. We will be pleased to advise you on your specific application.

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