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Blind Rivet Nuts

Blind rivet nuts

Wherever load-bearing threads are required in thin-walled materials or hollow mouldings, blind rivet nuts, rationally and without adjustment being necessary, installed from one side – i.e. "blind" are the answer. 

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Thanks to the wide and comprehensive range, there are many ways to use them for a wide variety of applications.

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Take advantage of our many years of experience and find out how our riveting technology solutions can create real added value for your company. We offer:

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SFL Beratung

FASTEKS FILKO® blind rivet nuts

Spin rivet nut onto simple hand or Power tool, insert into pre-drilled or punched hole, set nut, withdraw tool mandrel - done. When load-bearing threads are required in thin walled materials or profiles, blind nuts are a most effective solution. They can be fitted "blind" (from one side only) with no re-machining/processing and without damage to pre-treated surfaces. Our extensive program offers a wide range of materials, head or shank types as well as standard, medium, long and extra-long grip lengths. 


  • One-sided assembly as a blind rivet nut
  • High tear-out strength thanks to the pronounced rivet bulge
  • Can be used on parts that have already been surface-treated
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ecosyn®-SEF Operationally safe contact screw connection

ecosyn®-SEF combines a self-locking nut with an integrated spring washer and large contact surface. SEF stands for “Safe Electromechanical Fastener”. ecosyn®-SEF is a multifunctional fastener for secure mechanical connections and provides a reliable screw connection for electrically live contacts for high voltage and low voltage applications. Together with a renowned American electromobility pioneer, Bossard engineers developed a SEMS nut, which combines the following elements: Spiralock® thread lock in the nut, spring washer, and the washer.

Features and benefits:

  • All elements are firmly connected to each other
  • For high-voltage, low-voltage and purely mechanical connections
  • High compensation capacity against  settlement effects
  • Large surface coverage for through and slotted holes
  • Very resistant to vibrations
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Suitable for metric external thread
  • Reusable
  • Long service life of the connection
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Tools for blind rivet nuts

We offer you the right tool for every product solution and every challenge.

You can find our equipment and tool portfolio directly in our e-shop.


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Processing and automation

With a broad portfolio of hand setting tools and fully automatic systems, KVT-Fastening offers the right assembly system for every application for installing blind rivets, magazine rivets and blind rivet nuts.

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Tubtara® blind rivet nuts

Tubtara® blind rivet nuts convince as one-piece threaded hollow rivets that are set "blind" from one side, efficiently and without reworking. They represent an economical solution for the assembly of captive threads, even for applications in which the back of the plate is not accessible.


  • One-sided assembly as a blind rivet nut
  • High tear-out strength thanks to the pronounced rivet bulge
  • Can be used on parts that have already been surface-treated
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