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Guide employees through the assembly process

One of the biggest losses in manual production is the search time. By guiding employees through the assembly process in a targeted manner, search times can be massively reduced.

Advantages of guided employees

  • Increased productivity as it is always clear where the next part is
  • Reduction of assembly errors by reducing the risk of confusion
  • Additional security for the assembly staff to use the correct part


Pick by lightPick by Light applications

The pick by light applications show the employee where to pick the respective components for the work step with the integrated light display. The process can be acknowledged via a button, via touch function on the light or also via an integrated sensor. We would be happy to put together a package for your needs.

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Ambos Drehturm-System

Ambos tower system

The tower turns the components in the correct order towards the assembly worker. The integrated lamp indicates when the component is to be removed. The pick can be acknowledged either by a confirmation button or by weight (e.g. picking of 10 screws of 10g each - system acknowledges at 100g removal weight). In addition, the Ambos system offers an inventory function that counts all components and can provide an evaluation.

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Bitcube für Schraub-Bits

Bitcube for screw bits

In the case of screwed connections, there are often different drives in the same assembly. The bits must be changed during the assembly process. The Bitcube offers an optimal solution to simplify this process. The next work step (screwing step) is only released when the correct bit has been removed and all other bits are in the jig. This ensures that the screw drives are not damaged.

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Gesture Kamera-Systeme

Gesture Camera Systems

Gesture camera systems offer the possibility to follow the movements of the assembly worker and to project information onto the workplace via an attached projector. Video sequences can also be played back and the positioning of parts (or parts themselves) can be checked for correctness (also known as rel="noopener noreferrer" shadowboard).

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Case Study

Customized medical equipment sets are packaged for local hospitals. Quality is tested by producing batches of 100. In case of discrepancies, all sets have to be reopened until the error is found. This is time consuming, costly and stressful.

Guide the workers through the process with digital instructions and pick-to-light.
– Produce process-safe and controlled units according to requirements
– Elimination of the tedious process of reopening finished sets
– Productivity and concentration of the employees are guaranteed

Ambos tower system in use

How a gesture camera system works


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