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Supply base consolidation

BIM – Bossard Inventory Management enables supply-based consolidation in C-part management - including Bossard and third party C-parts.

How we manage your inventory

BIM is based on an ongoing process. How does it work?

  • Bossard offers several different kanban systems. Either Bossard SmartBin, 2binCodeSmartCard, or a combination of these systems is used, depending on the situation. SmartBin is particularly suitable for the management of C-parts.
  • When the order point is reached, the data is automatically put together and Bossard sends it on to the suppliers integrated into the C-parts management system.
  • The C-parts suppliers prepare the required amounts of the products and label them with the location of the customer's warehouse.
  • Bossard puts the flow of goods together and produces a consolidated invoice. Delivery is either to the point of use or to the goods receipt point.



The efficient management of C-parts leads to noticeable and sustainable relief to all departments. BIM includes:

  • Organization of the replenishment
  • An automatic flow of information
  • Coordination of the flow of goods
  • Flexibility and modularity to face new requirements


BIM is part of a network of qualified, customer-approved suppliers, guaranteeing the highest degree of reliability for products and processes. 


The result: reduced inventory and lower costs

Your benefits:

  • Keep control over choice, procurement and quality of C-parts of various suppliers
  • Remain in close contact with your suppliers
  • You don't have to deal with C-parts


 Your supplier's benefits:

  • Fully comply with their technical responsibilities
  • Prevent delivery bottlenecks by keeping a guaranteed minimum inventory 

Kanchan Satyanarayan, Key Account Manager, Bossard India

Our customer reduced its initial 139 suppliers to only one: Bossard. The number of parts delivered went in the other direction: from 50 at first to 1750 today.

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