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Thread inserts

Threaded inserts create precise, resistant female threads in workpieces of lightweight metal and other materials with low shear strength. They include brands such as Tappex®, KEENSERTS®, FILTEC®, LOCKFIL, Fasteks and KLIPKO®.

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Tappex® inserts for plastics

Tappex® inserts for plastics, wood and light metal alloys create precise and durable internal threads.

Series MULTISERT® and MICROBARB® will be pressed fit, heat or ultrasonic installed. Self-tapping series TRISERT®, TRISERT-3® and FOAMSERT® will be screwed in and serie HIMOULD® is for molding in.

All inserts are brass inserts only serie TRISERT® is also available in steel and stainless steel 303/ 316. We also offer several tools for cost-efficiant installation.

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FILTEC®+ / LOCKFIL®+ Wire thread inserts with tang

Wire thread inserts allow the manufacture of high strength thread with optimal transmission from the bolt to the nut thread. They are ideally suited to thread reinforcement in materials with minimal shear performance such as aluminium or magnesium and are therefore indispensible in the machine and plant construction, electronics, automobile, aircraft and astronautic industries. Thanks to these thread inserts it is possible to create an almost completely 'non-wearing' thread.

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KATO® Wire thread inserts without tang

KATO® Wire thread inserts are ideally suited for heavy-duty threads, continuously breaking connections or to rebuild damaged threads. In many materials, such as aluminium, their precautionary use is therefore recommended. In a simple work sequence these thread inserts can be made from stainless chrome nickel steel. KATO® wire thread inserts without tappets are impressive due to their efficient installation without adapter breaks.

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KEENSERTS® Thread inserts with key locks

KEENSERTS® threaded inserts are the perfect solution to prevent threads from becoming stripped in fields like mechanical or precision engineering, aviation and aerospace. KEENSERTS® are made of stainless steel 1.4305 / AISI 303. They are extremely durable and withstand numerous loosening and tightening cycles without thread stripping. They can be readily used in light metal, steel or cast iron application. They can also be used as an easy and efficient replacement for damaged threads in expensive components.

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Fasteks® thread inserts

Fasteks® steel or stainless steel thread inserts create precise, durable internal threads in workpieces made of light metal alloy and other materials with low shear resistance.

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