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Fastening Elements for Medical & Life Science Applications

In the medical and life science industry, quality assurance and compliance to the ever-changing regulatory requirements are key factors. Constant innovation, product development and designing according to value are critical to stay ahead of competition for Medtech manufacturers. Be it fastening or assembly technologies for medical devices, life science or laboratory equipment: We help our customers to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Fasteners for the development of your medical and life science devices and equipment, sorted by different application fields

Fasteners for Electromedical Devices in the Operating Room

Critical medical equipment used in the operating room should function and operate with zero failure. Fasteners should be safe yet innovative, have a high strength tolerance and a high vibration and corrosion resistance.

Fastening elements for MRI, ultrasound, x-ray and surgical lights:


Fasteners for Surgical and Therapy Equipment in an Intensive Care Unit

In an intensive care unit, where patients with serious life-threatening illnesses or injuries receive intensive medical treatment and care, special requirements are placed on the equipment. Fasteners must be vibration and corrosion resistant, compliant with safety standards and made of high strength materials.

Fastening elements for hospital beds, infusion pumps, wheelchairs, dialysis machines and respiratory ventilators:


Fasteners for Life Science and Laboratory Equipment

Diagnostic and laboratory equipment should be designed to ensure high performance and precision. We offer fastening elements which are made of high-performance materials, functional and cost-effective, innovative and compliant with industry standards.

Fastening elements for microscopes, lab furniture, lab freezers, lab mixers and analytical equipment:



Contact Icon Get in contact with us

We are happy to answer your questions.

For medical and life science applications, we can support you in the following areas:

One-stop shop
Bossard offers over one million fastening solutions, electric assembly accessories and control elements from inventory.

Engineered parts
If the best solution for your application does not yet exist, we will create it for you! 

Assembly Technology Expert
services help you find the right fastening solutions for manufacturing and make your company more competitive by slashing time to market.

Industry-focused quality
Certification to ISO 13485 for quality management systems related to medical devices

Own test laboratories
We meet the highest quality standards with several testing laboratories worldwide, some of them accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025.

Smart Factory Logistics
Focus on your core expertise while we optimize your B- and C-parts management with a fully automated logistics system and make it more transparent.